Thursday, October 9, 2008

two-three days a week for 4-6 hours

today, Sarah& i went to the Rec Center on our campus to start working out. i had asked her if she would like to be my work out buddy. this way i will feel support to lose the weight i gained.

we first started out playing racket ball, which i had no idea how to play but we got our hearts pumping& legs jumping. we then took a 8min break& drank some water& went up stairs. we got on the puke-ta-lip-tush. the thing that makes you run in place that burns fat in your but& legs. anyway, i burned 100 cals. we went down stairs again to the weight room& check out the different things. i did a bunch for about 20 reps each on 155 pounds. i'm suprised i can still do 155 pounds. i can still feel the burn in my legs& arms.

we came home& eat ramen& half a glass of milk. before we went i had peanut butter w/ banna& a apple with water for breakfest& when i came home i eat a smal hamburger with swiss cheese, lettuce& mustard.

well, i'm going to lift some weight i have in my room& take a shower.

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Fit, Healthy Hips said...

Hi! Rock on! Mind if I follow your journey? I'm on the same path :)