Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a bond that never breaks but cracks

so, after a crazy two weeks, which doesn't really seem that long ago, my sister& i are talking again. things became crazy& i have no idea what happened but all is good. she become my work out buddy last night& i burned a total of 192 cals. i always fall short of my goal of 200 cals when i work out. but maybe working out my lower body on the exercise equipment helped. i worked on my legs, arms& stomach area.

tomorrow i have a busy day. i missed my art ed. class& have to turn in my journal to my teacher. problem is i have know idea what her office hours are. gah.

anyway, i had two peanut butter sandwiches for breakfest with a 2% milk& when i came home i picked up an orange cream soda, had the rest of a small chicken sandwhich with heated swiss cheese& mustard. after class, i came home to change& my mom brought home lasanga, rolls& cinamon rolls. gah

after worked out i had some chips at sabrina's house in a bowl, apple juice& a tiny piece of turkey on wheat, with tomato. later i came home& cheated... i had some cake. WAH!

anyway, i'm so sore. i just lifed some more weights before i hit the sack& wake up yet again to do my homework. rawr.

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