Sunday, October 19, 2008

oh gawd

so, i really really really need structure in working out. i've got eating well sized meals right, if you don't count the bbq, coleslaw& baked beans i had at the motorcycle rally at bumpus yesterday. hey, i earned it, i skipped breakfest to go riding for a good course but man, my ass was hurting by the time we got back. i then had corn bread& white beans provided by nathans mother. it was wonderful. his sister asked me what i wanted from the store& all day i kept thinking of a kit-kat bar.

i did slip up though. i had a 410 cal apple pie from a gas station on our way back from the poker run. i was so hungry& i also had a dr. pepper. EEEEH! bad bad bad.

right now i'm cooking some pork with lemon pepper& heating up some tatters. :) i thought i'd make lunch while moms at church.

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