Sunday, May 31, 2009

eye twitched

i know when i get stressed my eye starts to twitched& i eat random things. i haven't been able to go to the admissions because my engine light is on& if i go i'll fail. i have money ready to go for my car tags just sitting in my wallet. all $80 dollars. i wish i could use that money for something else like food for the fridge or something cute for the trip.

i did score this amazing dress& tank top. Nathan bought my woven belt, all came from target. they have amazing plus size clothing there but the section it kind of small. figures. anyway the dress was about $26, belt $16& tank top on clearance was $11. all together it was about $60. my heart stopped when i handed the man my debit card& realized that was half my check right there. not even half, a little over half. so i told him to take off the belt, that's how Nathan got it.

last night we were going to grill out& have some steaks but we couldn't figure out the sides. so after about an hour& looking up the hotel we're going to be staying at in Chicago he said he didn't want to grill, that he wants to take me out on a date. a date! oh, we haven't been out in months! i got excited because this meant i could were one of my two outfits. so i wore my tank top with the belt& rolled up jeans with some sandals my mom gave me. i felt cute.

i ordered a long island ice tea w/ water& he got a corona with water. i told him since we're getting steak to just order for me. BEST STEAK EVER. the fries were awesome too but best steak ever. i eat everything, EVERYTHING, i was so hungry. :p the salad, the fries, the steak, water& tea. i was tipsy by then, that tea was good!

anyway, i had to go to the bathroom to let loose my belt haha! i need to start taking pictures of what i were so ya'll can see it. :)

oh, BTW, we went to Long Horn, never been, simply amazing& wonderful staff.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Breakfest: just two cups of coffee

Lunch: yum yum yum, steam brock, cheese& tom/basil. I'm boiling rice on the stove& will add the same with the mix. it taste soooo good.

lifted some weights& did crunchies while watching gilmore girls. i figured i would do each for the length of each episode. works!

Monday, May 18, 2009

good morning sexy!

-three eggs, two bagels with low fat cream cheese, bottle of water
- 90 cal ceral bar
- yoplait lowfat yogurt/ strawberry banana org.

plan on the high cal morning to burn energy

coffee is now down, might be having three cups. :) yum with coffee mate cream

edit---on my way to the coffee maker i twisted my knee...bad :(

not sure what i'll have for lunch so when i find out i'll post it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

splish splash

so, i'm going to start my day off by dancing along with rockabilly, bubblegum music on pandora, then i'll clean the apartment after i had already cleaned it. boxes are everywhere after nathan went on a rampage to look for his dress shoes.

anyway... dance dance dance, clean clean clean, visit mom, walk darla& the fridge is looking bla.


Friday, May 15, 2009

jour occupé paresseux

i have not left the apartment at all today but i have cleaned a little. did the dishes, cleaned out the closet, cooked a pork chop for nathan, put on fake tattoos i got from work, made some pasta& watched gilmore girls. i'm on my period so i'm just feeling like a hermit but all in this chaos i forgot to cash my check but i had turned in a bank check to the company to make a direct deposit. yet what do i get when i go to work? a check, with no void on it. la de da...

anyway, i also redid mu other blog, since i've basically redid my life style i thought i would do what any other fashion chic girl would do& just blog about it. yay...

check it out! Blue Black Hair , maybe you'll get some ideas.



i found this really cool website btw... PLUS enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009



geez, i'm so lame with keeping a deal that i make to myself. but i did change.... my hair.

more later, i gotta get ready for work. (sigh) soon i will be ready... i'll make myself be ready i'm just having a hard time finding support. yarg