Friday, May 15, 2009

jour occupé paresseux

i have not left the apartment at all today but i have cleaned a little. did the dishes, cleaned out the closet, cooked a pork chop for nathan, put on fake tattoos i got from work, made some pasta& watched gilmore girls. i'm on my period so i'm just feeling like a hermit but all in this chaos i forgot to cash my check but i had turned in a bank check to the company to make a direct deposit. yet what do i get when i go to work? a check, with no void on it. la de da...

anyway, i also redid mu other blog, since i've basically redid my life style i thought i would do what any other fashion chic girl would do& just blog about it. yay...

check it out! Blue Black Hair , maybe you'll get some ideas.



i found this really cool website btw... PLUS enjoy!

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