Sunday, September 27, 2009

Opinion Day and Questions

What is your opinion on coffee? Do you have a favorite kind, do you like the taste of it, do you hate it?

If anyone would care to share please do. I've heard many things about coffee, two years ago when I went into a walk-in clinic the doctor asked me if I drank coffee on a regular basis's.

"Well, not like the Gilmore girls but yes I do."

"Wha---? Okay, well how many cups do you have?"

"Depends, if I'm just waking up at a certain time it's 2-4. If I'm going to work then its 1-3"
Even my ex-boyfriend told me that it wasn't healthy for me. I didn't beleive him though. I asked him why and he would just go off to another subject. Then she goes to tell me that drinking so much can cause me to have short term memory. I do have short term memory on somethings but if I just think about it and put it aside and doing something also I forget till moments later. Yet now, they saw coffee is a good way to sway from Alzheimers disease.

Doctors change their minds as much as a woman can change her clothes in one day.

BUT can coffee keep me from losing weight? I'm curious. I went to bed about 4am last night because Nathan wasn't feeling to well and he was freezing. So he turned off the fan and I immediately became hot. I asked him if he could turn it on and he replied that he could go to the living room. He "tried" to stop me but I slept on the couch. Kind of depressing.

So, I go to bed but I can't sleep. Turn on the TV, Outer limits is on. Infomercials are on, one about the Adernal gland is on. Have you ever seen it? Its advertising Cylapril . I think their website and TV ad is a hoax. That's just me, I'll never trust anything on TV unless its in a well known store and I can return it.

The "adrenal fatigue" has been happening on and off for about two months. I feel so tired after sleeping for a long period of time (without meaning to). I used to just wake up at 8am, now its like 11:30-12:00. I feel like I've fallen into a sleeping pattern that Nathan has. Is that possible? Living with him has kind of changed how I operate and I've told him that but he either shrugs it off or forgets.

I am worried though.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

back from the dead

Today has been ridiculous. I woke up at 12pm after going to bed at 12am. Put on some coffee, had 2 1/2 cups, ate left overs from last night ( Mashed potatoes, peas and corn, and half of a tuna pattie).

My mother came by and gave me six frozen dinners for work and a pack of Hershey's dark chocolate.

Right now I'm boiling broccoli. I wish I didn't lead my head of lettuce go bad. I also forgot that I had grapes to I picked the goods ones and put them with the rest of frozen ones. Chicken Noodle soup that Nathan made is still in the fridge after a week. Urgh.... I will NOT touch it, if I made it different story.

I think I'll put some cheese on the broc and salt. I have some sweet tea left over from two days ago. I'll make more either late tonight or tomorrow.

Also had one of those frozen dinners. Stir fry rice and veggies.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bed Rest

I've been sick for the past few days but that has not stopped me from doing some workouts. Just some little weight lifting and eating less/right.

I am sorry but I will be on best for a bit. I feel a little better but that's after bein drugged and sleeping all day. Anyway, till next time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What the...

Ok, I went to the next town over to join Nathan at the Roxy to watch "9". He had a roast beef sandwich from his lunch and I ate it. Ok.

I go to Goodwill and find two tops. I spent like an hour looking at stuff. I can't wait till I get smaller to wear some of the larges' and medium's again. You know? Some of the XL's I couldn't wear, I hate how some fashion labels measure their clothes. Ugh. When I was in the dressing room I over heard a woman talking about how the label's with one size fits All was sued. How in the hell do you get away with suing a "One Size Fits All" label? Who do you sue? Where do you come up with the idea? How does this work? Do you get money for it and if so why the hell did I not think of that? (Just kidding about me wanting to be the first.)

I also started to realize that it was kind of stupid to sue the One Size Fits All. I mean, if that person couldn't fit in a One Size Fits All then its kind of sad on their part. It's like over weight people suing freaking McDonald's. What the hell is their problem? Blaming a fast food chain on something they could just simply stop going to. Why not sue Kroger's for the things they carry or sue a donut store.

"I'm going to sue Kroger's for selling cookies and cream because I can't stop indulging in that product." or "I'm going to sue Krispy Creme and Donut Country just because I can't stop going."

I believe it's pathetic and a waste of time AND money to sue companies like that. It's a waste.

I have visited fast food chains less then two years ago. Every now and then I'll go to Arby's and get grilled chicken or Sonic just put Grilled chicken and wheat bread on their menu. A healthy cafe opened up at the mall after Startbucks dropped out and they sale panini's, salads, bagels, smoothies, and other stuff. I love getting the Tomato and basil panini, it's amaaaaazing. The food court is food court hell. Greasy pizza, Chinese food, and Greek food. All loaded with grease and high in fat. It also smells bad.

Anyway, all these thoughts came to me when this one woman was all about the One Size thing and the guy that was with her was agreeing just to make her stop. Do they even make One Size's for men? I wonder.


Course I'm trying to find the resource to the suing of the size issue. If I can't find and it and you can please post a link so I can read it and then I'll share it on my blog. If anyone reads the post. :) I'm going to post pictures of the dressing room photo shoot soon. That's another thing, I think when I go shopping or just to try on things I'll take pictures. YAY!

Walk the Line

Picture from my walk this morning at 6:45am.

Day two of walking. Jogged for about 2mins. Weight Watchers magazine has a 6wk chart for ones who have started walking/jogging. I'm on week 1 day 2 (kinda) I had miss read it so I walked for 45mins and jogged just 2 mins not repeat 7 times. Opps. Well I got day three. Then Week two is walk 2mins jog 2mins repeat 8 times for 32 mins on day one. Day two is walk 2mins jog 4mins repeat 5 times 30 min. Day three walk 2 and jog 5mins repeat 4 times. 33mins.
Did you also know that if you walk a brisk 30mins you burn 140 calories but if you jog for 30mins you burn 280? I know my body, I have to warm up to walking/jog, and I set places to start and stop. There is a fenced community by where I walk and when I reach the fence I start to either fast walk or jog. When I reach the end of the fence I pace myself and walk.
My butt is feeling it.
I was also reading in Weight Watcher's that a good way to get yourself motivated is to take a hobby out with you. I am a freelance photographer, have been for 7yrs and I do not have a slim camera so I just strap it around my back. I want take it with me all the time but every now and then, like if I go to the greenway I will.

Breakfast: Three eggs and a bowl of cereal.

Snack: grapes, dark choc.

Lunch: Going to my mothers so not sure.

Snack: grapes and ritz!

Dinner: I'm thinking of cooking that tomato basil noodles and cooking so broc.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

okay okay okay okay okay

Clean slate. Clean it all up.

I have committed to not snacking when I crave something but to start drinking water instead. My pee looks good :)

I have committed to getting up early and walk/running down my road. Today was the first day. I'll keep this up threw winter but if it rains I will make that a rest day.

I committed to only drinking 3 cups of coffee instead of 6.

I've committed to cooking at home unless I'm to tired then Nathan cooks.

So far so good. I plan on restartig my weight loss again after last years fail. Here we go.