Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What the...

Ok, I went to the next town over to join Nathan at the Roxy to watch "9". He had a roast beef sandwich from his lunch and I ate it. Ok.

I go to Goodwill and find two tops. I spent like an hour looking at stuff. I can't wait till I get smaller to wear some of the larges' and medium's again. You know? Some of the XL's I couldn't wear, I hate how some fashion labels measure their clothes. Ugh. When I was in the dressing room I over heard a woman talking about how the label's with one size fits All was sued. How in the hell do you get away with suing a "One Size Fits All" label? Who do you sue? Where do you come up with the idea? How does this work? Do you get money for it and if so why the hell did I not think of that? (Just kidding about me wanting to be the first.)

I also started to realize that it was kind of stupid to sue the One Size Fits All. I mean, if that person couldn't fit in a One Size Fits All then its kind of sad on their part. It's like over weight people suing freaking McDonald's. What the hell is their problem? Blaming a fast food chain on something they could just simply stop going to. Why not sue Kroger's for the things they carry or sue a donut store.

"I'm going to sue Kroger's for selling cookies and cream because I can't stop indulging in that product." or "I'm going to sue Krispy Creme and Donut Country just because I can't stop going."

I believe it's pathetic and a waste of time AND money to sue companies like that. It's a waste.

I have visited fast food chains less then two years ago. Every now and then I'll go to Arby's and get grilled chicken or Sonic just put Grilled chicken and wheat bread on their menu. A healthy cafe opened up at the mall after Startbucks dropped out and they sale panini's, salads, bagels, smoothies, and other stuff. I love getting the Tomato and basil panini, it's amaaaaazing. The food court is food court hell. Greasy pizza, Chinese food, and Greek food. All loaded with grease and high in fat. It also smells bad.

Anyway, all these thoughts came to me when this one woman was all about the One Size thing and the guy that was with her was agreeing just to make her stop. Do they even make One Size's for men? I wonder.


Course I'm trying to find the resource to the suing of the size issue. If I can't find and it and you can please post a link so I can read it and then I'll share it on my blog. If anyone reads the post. :) I'm going to post pictures of the dressing room photo shoot soon. That's another thing, I think when I go shopping or just to try on things I'll take pictures. YAY!

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Emmett said...

I agree completely with why sure McDonalds, its your choice to go.
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