Sunday, September 27, 2009

Opinion Day and Questions

What is your opinion on coffee? Do you have a favorite kind, do you like the taste of it, do you hate it?

If anyone would care to share please do. I've heard many things about coffee, two years ago when I went into a walk-in clinic the doctor asked me if I drank coffee on a regular basis's.

"Well, not like the Gilmore girls but yes I do."

"Wha---? Okay, well how many cups do you have?"

"Depends, if I'm just waking up at a certain time it's 2-4. If I'm going to work then its 1-3"
Even my ex-boyfriend told me that it wasn't healthy for me. I didn't beleive him though. I asked him why and he would just go off to another subject. Then she goes to tell me that drinking so much can cause me to have short term memory. I do have short term memory on somethings but if I just think about it and put it aside and doing something also I forget till moments later. Yet now, they saw coffee is a good way to sway from Alzheimers disease.

Doctors change their minds as much as a woman can change her clothes in one day.

BUT can coffee keep me from losing weight? I'm curious. I went to bed about 4am last night because Nathan wasn't feeling to well and he was freezing. So he turned off the fan and I immediately became hot. I asked him if he could turn it on and he replied that he could go to the living room. He "tried" to stop me but I slept on the couch. Kind of depressing.

So, I go to bed but I can't sleep. Turn on the TV, Outer limits is on. Infomercials are on, one about the Adernal gland is on. Have you ever seen it? Its advertising Cylapril . I think their website and TV ad is a hoax. That's just me, I'll never trust anything on TV unless its in a well known store and I can return it.

The "adrenal fatigue" has been happening on and off for about two months. I feel so tired after sleeping for a long period of time (without meaning to). I used to just wake up at 8am, now its like 11:30-12:00. I feel like I've fallen into a sleeping pattern that Nathan has. Is that possible? Living with him has kind of changed how I operate and I've told him that but he either shrugs it off or forgets.

I am worried though.

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