Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walk the Line

Picture from my walk this morning at 6:45am.

Day two of walking. Jogged for about 2mins. Weight Watchers magazine has a 6wk chart for ones who have started walking/jogging. I'm on week 1 day 2 (kinda) I had miss read it so I walked for 45mins and jogged just 2 mins not repeat 7 times. Opps. Well I got day three. Then Week two is walk 2mins jog 2mins repeat 8 times for 32 mins on day one. Day two is walk 2mins jog 4mins repeat 5 times 30 min. Day three walk 2 and jog 5mins repeat 4 times. 33mins.
Did you also know that if you walk a brisk 30mins you burn 140 calories but if you jog for 30mins you burn 280? I know my body, I have to warm up to walking/jog, and I set places to start and stop. There is a fenced community by where I walk and when I reach the fence I start to either fast walk or jog. When I reach the end of the fence I pace myself and walk.
My butt is feeling it.
I was also reading in Weight Watcher's that a good way to get yourself motivated is to take a hobby out with you. I am a freelance photographer, have been for 7yrs and I do not have a slim camera so I just strap it around my back. I want take it with me all the time but every now and then, like if I go to the greenway I will.

Breakfast: Three eggs and a bowl of cereal.

Snack: grapes, dark choc.

Lunch: Going to my mothers so not sure.

Snack: grapes and ritz!

Dinner: I'm thinking of cooking that tomato basil noodles and cooking so broc.

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Sounds like you have a really nice place to run and walk! You will be surprised how quickly your endurance and stamina get better!

Keep up the great work!