Thursday, October 23, 2008

burn baby burn

i stayed on one machine for 30mins& lost 342 calories. i'm proud of myself! yaya!

i haven't weight myself today& i probably want tonight. i'm going to work on my tribal costume for nov 1. i'm about done with my bra then my mother& i will have to tackle the skirt.

the food i had today:

two packets of apple oatmeal
glass of milk

apples& ramen noodles

peanut butter cracker pack& sierra mist

ooooooh boy
cream corn
& home made mashed potatoes
with half a glass of milk

(no 2nds) still hungry too.... :( i love eating my moms 2nds!!!!

off to get my car fixed! good night!

1 comment:

fallingleaves said...

mom's homemade is the BEST!!!!!!!!!