Monday, March 23, 2009

things i did yesterday

so, i ate breakfast, a little bit high in fat i guess but i figured i needed it later on during the day. it was a stuffed pizza slice from Papa Murphy's. i broiled it in the oven because Nathan has yet to buy a microwave or a toaster. i settled my tummy& listened to some tribal belly dance music to get the groove working& then started on sit-ups. i did about 40 total. i then started working my lower body with out trying to move my upper body. it's really tougher now since i did this exercise in November of 08. (eye roll) i'm trying to picture that motivation i had when i was 16& sitting in the back seat of my aunt's car. we were eating Wendy's& i just saw them shovel the fries in there mouth.

around 2pm i went back to my house to pick up Darla& we went to the greenway. i ran slash walked about 3 miles. i felt great afterword's. then i fixed a salad with baby carrots, ranch dressing with a bacon taste& sharp Cheddar cheese. i guess that's OK. around 9:30pm i cooked a late dinner with Nathan. two pieces of chicken, cayenne pepper, Montreal chicken, salt, pepper& sage were added spices. i then cooked mashed potatoes. enough for the two of us. Nathan went out& bought a cake but i have yet to eat it. we have yet to eat it because i fell asleep while he was doing homework for a class.

this morning i ate a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch with 2% milk. nothing else so far.

now i'm gonna go back to my house, change cloths& work out. yes?

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