Tuesday, March 24, 2009


so, i did not do what i had planned out today. instead of walking slash running on the greenway i helped my mother rearrange her house. like switching the living room into the eating area to the eating area into the living room. it's weird but the way Comcast put our cable it kind of made sense to make the switch. sabastine seems to like it since we always spend our time in the dining. our house is built weird anyway. my room was the garage, then den, turned into a master bedroom& bla bla bla. the 70s was a strange time.

anyway, i just got side tracked. i did hear that if you just keep moving& keep your mind on something it takes you away from eating more. which did help. i had some cottage cheese& that was around 2ish.

FIRST.... this morning i had another bowl of C.T.Crucnh with 2% milk. then after that nothing else. later i came back to the house at like 1ish& waited till i was positive i was hungry& fixed a bowl of cottage cheese. then after i did the laundry room (which BTW has not been cleaned since i graduated high school in 2006. after my father died in Dec of 1992 my mom's cleaning skills have slipped into I MUST KEEP EVERYTHING& this has taught me NOTHING).

she left the house around 4ish to take out the trash& she my aunt about some crushed coke cans to recycle. i kept about cleaning till i was for real hungry. i heated a left over mini slice of pizza (my last one for a while, so sick of pizza)& a muffin from a wedding shower a few days ago.

around dinner time like 6ish, i cooked us thin slice of steak (yum, i did very well this time, i for realz can cook steak now), boiled corn on the cob (the mini kind)& she cut up some potato's which i then boiled them& i made mashed potatoes with garlic salt. holy crap was it good& i'm completely satisfied. now more eating past 7pm anymore. that cake that Nathan bought is teasing me in the fridge but i'm not buying it. HA!

i'm freaking worn out though, all this busy work has just drained me of not wanting to do anything but i do think i put push in some sit ups. yeah i think i might. i'll just have to wait till Thursday to go to the greenway, i work tomorrow& i'd like to clean my room before i go in. i also need to fix some of my clothes to like kinda rockabilly slash Hot Topic look. i'm such a drag when it comes to clothes.

¡buonas noches!

p.s. i decorated Nathans apartment... shhhhh!

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tisha said...

You burned some serious calories by rearranging the furniture. That shit is HARD to do!! I grew up with a Mom who always wanted to try something different.