Monday, March 23, 2009


i'm keeping a journal by my side on things that i have done. for starts i have found out my true weight& i'm not at all pleased. 250 pounds of pure loathe. i'm greatly disgusted with myself. it seems so weird to see that in front of my face. i feel it laugh at me. oh well. i started my day off pretty well, i stretched for 10 mins each for 10 to 20 secs. i worked my upper body first then went to my lower body. i have figured out that if i take deep breathes i will be able to do more.

i'm using my mom's Miami machine she order. i just did leg pumps because with the things that are pictured to do look slightly hard for me right now. i might break something at this weight. i then went to moving my upper body side to side with out moving my lower half& DAMN i sure do feel it in my sides. i then started to attempt belly rolls. those are extremely tougher then i remember.

i'm mixing belly dance exercises with regular exercises. it seems to be a little bit better then the grueling let's just exercise routine. i will be going on my walk tomorrow, i did not today. i have been neglecting my sweet cat so i spent the day with him. he just slept while i watch some tv& did my thing. less meow when i'm there.

forgive me for the errors in my typing, my spell check is not working due to the lack of wifi i'm receiving& i'm typing extremely fast to clean Nathans kitchen. i walked in& it smelled so bad. (eye roll)

more updates later!