Sunday, March 22, 2009

holy ground

for the past four days i have been walking Darla, my new puppy for about 2mths, on the greenway. i have lost weight& i can feel it in my jeans but i'm so scared to jump on the scale. i'm trying to best i can to get back on track but i make up these lame excuse to put it off. but today, i'm heating up food so i want exercise on a empty stomach.

it's time. i'm renaming my site. instead of 70 pounds, which seems fare fetched for march now. i will lose twenty to 35 pounds. then we i get back from my trip from Texas& Illinos i will being the the massive weight blog with something better. i've made mentle notes& stick notes.

so hear we go. i'm about to eat my breakfest. i'll begin my day with stretching& then sit-ups. when i get home form my boyfriends i'll grab my trustful dog& hit the greenway.

i need tips, good foods to eat. i love meat meat meat& veggies. i'm big pasta lover so anything you throw my way would be awesome. i need all the help i can get because these trips are very important. going to two weddings, i want to look nice!

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tisha said...

You have a plan. That's a great way to start. As far as's been difficult for me, but I would suggest whole wheat pasta, nonfat milk, fruits & veggies...all the stuff everything suggests you eat. I make a really good alfredo sauce using nonfat milk, 1 bar of cream cheese (reduced fat if you want) and parm cheese. Nuke it till it's soft and YUM. I'm wishing you luck on the decisions ahead! You can do it.