Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've been tired and I went up a size in jeans. My ass is getting bigger and the other day I was putting in a new light to hang from the ceiling and my arm was caught between the couch and the wall. I couldn't move my elbow it. was. humiliting calling Nathan at his parents. I've been wanting a bike for months and I can't find one cheap, like cheapcheapcheap. Wal-Mart has a single speed beach cruiser for $85. I like the mens.

Off to mow my moms yard and wash my scalp. My head itches. Life makes me tired. Liek I said I've been waking up late and just feeling worn out. I miss jumping out of bed and getting the day started.

Oh! Something funny happened at work, when I WAS NOT THERE, Flava Flav came to Stones River Mall and made a apperance to our store. I'm never ever there when something cool happens. He had a PJ party at Club 527.

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