Tuesday, December 30, 2008


so, i figured it was time for an update before the new year. i have no done much per say in weight lose. mtsu gym is closed& i shall not be returning in the spring. i'll be attending motlow yet again but i will be going at the same time nathan does. very nice indeed.

the rush holiday season is over for a bit in the mall or is about to be over with. thank goodness but this means lesser hours for me to work. increasing my chance on trying to find either another job or a 2nd job.

nathan is moving out of his parents house hopefully son& this mean's, well, i'll be staying out there a bit more often then home. :) i on the other hand is stuck living at home, which makes my ego go down further south.

my hair is finally starting to get longer. if i lower my head or raise my breast the tips of my hair hit them. my goal is past the boobs.

picture above is my current status of what i look like. it was taken at the jack daniel's distillery, about an hour drive from my home town. i am happy& right now comfy. i'm still going for the goal but i am happy. nathan keeps me in check& always tell's me, "my girl looks so beautiful." or pretty& sexy. i like the sexy one.

"mmmhmm, sexy."


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Nice to see that you are still alive.

Thats a great picture!

tisha85 said...

Love the pic! So sassy!! Happy New Year!